2020 Ride Cancelled

We have decided to not have the bike ride this year on June 19-20, 2020. We cannot predict when the covid-19 outbreak will be over and we worry that June is too early to bring 1,000 people back together from all over the US.

If you have already signed up for the ride, you will receive an email soon with options.

The 2021 ride will be held June 19, 2021. Thank you for your understanding. 

Saturday Ride 

General Info – Routes – SAG Info – Day of Ride Info

This fantastic ride is a fundraiser and a great family event.  It is a non-competitive ride that takes you through scenic rural countryside.  Proceeds go to pay for ride expenses and toward the construction of the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.  Help us close the gap!

**No refunds after May 20 as we need to order supplies.  Please keep in mind this event is a fundraiser.

General Info about the Pumpkinvine Bike Ride (PBR)

During the day, riders can choose from three basic routes this year, trail, 50 or 100.  Which ever route you ride you will experience the serene farmland of northern Indiana.  Roll past working Amish farms, pastures, creeks, and communities. If pass a horse and buggy, make sure you give them plenty of room so you don’t spook the horse.

  • Start Location: Elkhart County Fairgrounds, Goshen, IN Gate 1
  • Date: Saturday, June 20, 2020
  • **Doors open for check-in at 7AM EST**
  • Ride Hours: 7am – 5pm EST
  • Cost: $35 until May 20
    • May 21 to June 14…$50
    • After June 14…$65
  • On-site registration available


Start Times

Lunch Location

General Route click here for more

Trail ~ 22 miles7:30-10:30 am ESTSnack (no lunch) -Middlebury at
Memorial Park
105 N Main Street
Goshen -> Middlebury (snack SAG) -> Goshen
There is a 1 mile gap in the trail where you ride on county roads.
Trail ~ 37 miles7:30-10:30 am ESTShipshewana at the Farmstead Expo Barn
368 S Van Buren St
Goshen -> Middlebury (SAG) -> Shipshewana (lunch SAG) -> Goshen
There are two gaps in the trail where you will ride on county roads. 1 miles between Goshen and Middlebury. At the end of the trail you will ride 3/4 mile on road into Shipshewana to the SAG.
50 miles
Start on road, end on trail
(closer to 51-52 miles)
7:00-9:00 am ESTShipshewana at the Farmstead Expo Barn
368 S Van Buren St
Goshen -> head east toward Emma (mini SAG) -> Shipshewana (lunch SAG)-> back to Goshen on the trail
100 miles
Start on road, end on trail
(closer to 101-103 miles)
7:00-9:00 am ESTShipshewana at the Farmstead Expo Barn
368 S Van Buren St
Goshen -> head east toward Emma (mini SAG) -> Shipshewana (lunch SAG)-> ride on the trail for 1 mile then get off at N900W to Bonneyville (mini SAG) -> Shipshewana (SAG) ->
back to Goshen on the trail
You can stop at any SAG (Support and Gear or rest stop) if you need some food, drink or assistance.

Lunch for you depends on when you get started and your speed. It isn't a race, but be aware of the open times for the SAGs.

Several vehicles of volunteers will drive the designated routes as Mobile SAGs to assist with flat tires or mechanical issues or minor cuts/scrapes.
Mobile SAG Support
Go to the nearest intersection

Mobile SAG numbers will be posted here after we make confirmations

*Emergencies - call 911*

Support And Grub (SAG Stops)

a.k.a. rest stops
NameOpen TimeLocationType
Emma7:30am-11am ESTWestview Elementary School parking lotMini - snacks, gatorade/water
Middlebury8am-3:30pm ESTMemorial Park
105 N Main Street
Full - Includes snack
**New location, Farmstead Expo Barn
8:30am-3:30pm ESTFarmstead Expo BarnFull - includes lunch
Plant-power vegan option
Bonneyville Mills Park
(for 100 mile route only)
10:00am-2:00 pm ESTBonneyville Mills Park
Mini - snacks, gatorade/water
Day of Ride Info
  • Check-in
    • Enter Gate 1, park your vehicle
    • Bring your bike to PBR Headquarters to check in before you ride.
    • Make sure you get your wristband as it is your ticket to the SAGs/food.
  • Before you ride: Read over this pre-ride checklist.
    • Take a pre-ride photo in front of the event arch.
    • Check the SAG open times.
  • Ride:
    • Please make note and follow the rules of the ride
    • Carefully note the SAG hours and plan your pace accordingly.  Our volunteers need to clean and pack up after their SAG closes.  Let us know if you think you’ll not make the next SAG before they close.
    • Ride on the Right – There are many riders, some are just using the trail and are not part of the PBR.
    • Note the phone numbers for the roving SAGs and be aware of your location at all times.  Our roving SAGs try to cover the route, but since there are over 100 miles of road and we have limited numbers of drivers, you might not see them often if at all.  If you have a mechanical breakdown, we’ll try to get to you, but it could take a while.
    • Take other routes at your own risk.  We do not recommend exploring different routes on this ride.  The Roving SAGs will only stay on the designated routes, unless we get a call from someone who is lost.
    • Remember, if you don’t know where you are it is very tough for us to find you if you need assistance. Check road signs/intersections.
    • Pay attention to your body. Make sure you stay properly hydrated and consume energy (food) in small quantities and often so you don’t “bonk” (get really tired or low on energy).
    • If you are starting to “bonk” when on the 50 or 100 mile routes, you may want to take one of the designated shortcuts to get back to the trail quicker.
    • This is a family-friendly ride and not a race. We reserve the right to ban without refund anyone who behaves dangerously, obscenely or rudely.
  • Finish
    • Bring your bike up to PBR Headquarters.
    • Get your pie and ice cream and check out the scene.
    • Take a shower. The registration building has showers available.