Here is a checklist of things you find helpful before you ride.  If you have more ideas for the checklist let us know, we might add them.

Disclaimer – Consult your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine.  Also, schedule time to have your local bike shop check over your gear and equipment.  

The following is meant to be a reminder to inspect, check and repair.  It isn’t comprehensive and may not cover all essential items for you.  You may not need some items and some items that you need might not be listed.

  1. Equipment
    1. Bike
      1. Brakes, gears, cables
      2. Wheels – wheels, tire pressure, spokes, axles
      3. Handlebars, seat
      4. Water bottle, water reservoir pack
      5. Bike lights
      6. Bike bag: tools, spare tires, small bike air pump, plastic bag, rag snacks
  2. Clothing/Protection
    1. Extra change of clothes for after the ride, especially socks
    2. Check the weather – we’ll still have the ride in a light rain
      1. Light windbreaker/rain jacket
      2. Biking shorts, shirt
    3. Helmet, biking gloves
    4. Sunglasses, sunscreen
  3. Energy/Hydration
    1. Snacks – extra snacks for between SAGs
      1. Plastic bag to keep your snack trash from gunking up your pockets
  4. Training
    1. Check all gear and go for a 10+ mile bike ride 2-4 weeks before the ride.

Tools & Tips

Here are some links of cool tools or helpful tips.