Go HERE to register.

This opens the Eventbrite website where you can register for the ride.

You will get an email confirmation after you submit your payment.  Please make sure your order was processed.

NO REFUNDS after May 15.  Keep in mind this is a fundraising event run by volunteers.  We purchase the food and supplies based on the number of people who register.

Friday Dinner RIDEFriday Dinner DRIVE
Limited to 100 riders.
$60 = $30 + $30 for the Saturday ride
Limited to 100 people
$60 = $30 + $30 for the Saturday ride

Saturday Ride $30/person until May 15.

  • Late Rate- May 16-June 10 it goes up to $50/person.
  • Very Late Rate – After June 10 it goes to $65/person…so register early.
  • Children under 13 free (Age 0-17 must be accompanied by an adult)

On site ride registration will be available.